Friday, February 6, 2009

Feb 2-6

We changed up our spelling this week, and it's shown. Andrew missed three words on his test. We used rules, instead of specific words and he just did not apply what he learned. Hopefully, this will go better next week.

We drilled the week away with multiplication. Andrew also started using a workbook for word problems. He hasn't memorized much of his times tables at all, but I think we're going to move forward and just drill multiplication for a few minutes a day. Eventually, he has to remember this stuff, right?

Grammar and writing are doing well. He's finished the cursive alphabet, so now he's doing his copywork in cursive. He's memorized, "Hearts Are Like Doors" in one week!

What else? Oh, we've finished the first section in Latin. He memorized 'The Sanctus' and has really nailed the vocabulary.

Science this week, we covered the sun and stars. He is still enjoying Astronomy and awed by the things we're learning about space.

History and reading have collided! We covered 'The Jewish People' and 'Hammurabi and Babylonia.'

side note: unexpected collect call from a prison... I didn't accept, but there's nothing like an unexpected collect call from a prison to break up the monotony, right?!?

Back to history! Andrew didn't really understand the importance of Hammurabi. We spent some extra time discussing a leader that uses fairness and understanding, versus a military dictatorship. While he found the Code of Hammurabi mostly unfair, he doesn't see death as an appropriate punishment, he did come to understand the signifigance of Hammurabi.

That's our week in a nutshell! Now, let me go reverse number search and find out what prison is holding inmates that have my phone number (oh the excitement!).


  1. LOL about the phone call! We're entering the memorization of multiplication stage, & after the whole addition/subtraction fiasco, I'm not so sure I want to stress over multiplication! Oh the sleepless nights! I'm sure your son will find his way thru multiplication facts at some point. Hey, I'm just now getting the hang of 2nd grade math at age 34, woohoo! Thanks for stopping by my blog:)

  2. Your report was great but the phone call cracked me up! Prison?!?! Yikes. Who says homeschooling is boring? :)