Friday, March 27, 2009


Grades were good this week. We covered what we needed to cover and then some.

We skipped Karate.

We're skipping library today. I need to go sit with a neighbor.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Week Two of Five

I couldn't blog last week. The week before there had been a ton of snow. Since nothing conked out during the snow, Westmoreland County decided to keep with tradition and screwed everything up the week after, while ostenably making repairs. IOW, no phone, no internet, for a week (a WEEK) while Verizon and Metrocast 'fixed' things that hadn't had problems. Rant off.

We've kept up with two chapters a week for history. It's put a damper on the extra things we do, but I'm getting better at saying, we can do that the next time around. This week we studied the Israelites escape from Egypt and the Phoenicians. We're making Pita Bread right now, that was one craft I could fit in ;)

In science, we've made all of the planets to scale. Granted, we had to be inventive, I didn't have any paper big enough to make a 33 inch Jupiter, but we improvised. Next week we will hang them up in the living room and work on description cards. Underneath we're going to hang up the smaller picture we made. The planets are to scale, but tiny and it shows their distances from the sun (to scale). We were thinking about moving on to third grade in June. Andrew will be done with nearly everything and that way his 'grade' corresponds with his age. Now, I wonder if we won't stick with Astronomy a little longer.

Drew is breezing through Spelling Workout. We got a few snags this week, soft and hard g and c. For some reason, my spelling skills have tanked even harder than usual. It's pretty bad when the teacher corrects the student and misspells the word herself. I just hope he ends up a better speller than me.

In math, we learned area and perimeter for squares and rectangles. We found the area of the play room floor and the perimeter of the house :) Multiplication is still not easy for Drew, but this week has shown him how useful it is. Thank goodness for real life situations. It's not often we do math skills that are so easy to equate to real life situations, but area and perimeter fit right in there.

We're reading so many books right now it's a little hard to keep up. We read the story of Saint Patrick on Monday and Tuesday, but returned to Greek Gods and Godesses right after. It's not hard to keep his attention when the stories are so interesting!

Oh, we joined the Y and now Andrew has a homeschooler's gym twice a week. We couldn't make it yesterday (thank you, again, Verizon), but we've gone three times now. Andrew is really enjoying it. It's almost like homeschooling has made him more outgoing. Does that make any sense?

That's it. We did more, but nothing worth writing home about ;)

Language: 100%
Math: 98%
Latin: 98%
History: 100%
Science: 99%

Monday, March 9, 2009

Unbelievable Return!

Last week was our vacation, you can imagine how I expected today to go, especially given the time change this weekend. Incredibly, Drew was up and at em' at 7:30a.m. He ate breakfast and was ready to go by 8:30. For the first time in what seems like ages, he was able to piddlefart before we started, without having me blow a gasket!

The day was smooth as silk. I mixed up our schedule, trying to space out our language classes and get Science and History covered with a little more interest, and a little less 'are we done yet.' It worked. We covered everything, we gave it all justice and we were done by lunch!

New things we're trying:
Spelling Workout (C/3) - so much easier than doing it myself. What a relief!
Writing With Ease - well, we used it the week before last, but this was the first time I had to come up with stuff ;) It went well, Andrew seemed to enjoy the excert from "The Trumpet of the Swan."
Math - I checked out two library books, one on multiplication and the other full of math riddles. Since we're done with our 2nd grade stuff and I can't afford Saxon 3 yet, this seemed like a fun alternative. We went halfway through the multiplication book this morning, it was much more enjoyable than reciting our times tables :)
Reading - We are completely revising our Language Folder. I was not following the recommendations for the Reading section, this morning, we made a few pages for books Andrew read and I wrote out and dated all of the poems he had memorized (five!).
Handwriting - Since we've conquered cursive, I haven't been sure what to do for handwriting. We're trying out the Memoria Press Copybook I bought in December. Dry much? But at least I got to be lazy ;)

That's it in a nutshell. I'm just so glad our return was so smooth.