Friday, February 12, 2010

Week off!

This was our week off!  It should have been a great deal of fun, what with all the snow and Valentine's Day.  Drew was grounded, though.  So, it was a pretty lame week.

I ordered Singapore 3a on February 4th from  Drew can do some crazy calculations and love 'fun' math (see Geometry, Algebra) but still panics when he sees a page of simple math.  I gave him a placement test last week, for giggles, and he tested exacted where we are.  However, I went into a tizzy realizing that his standardized testing is coming up in May and ...  he freezes when he sees too many simple problems set out for him.  So, we're going to do some Singapore and see if I can't get him over this fear of basic math.

As of today, my Singapore is still sitting exactly where it was on February 5th, when it was "processed" at the post office in California.  I'm so glad I payed extra for expedited service.

I ordered Spelling Workout D on Monday, we should have that today.  Thank you Amazon shippers.  I didn't even realize we had finished C until I went to set up our work for the next few weeks.  Surprise surprise!

Luke has had a fun week, driving everyone insane.  He ate some espresso beans Dad left on the counter yesterday...  that was fun too ;)

I'm going to look into Alfie Kohn's books.  There has to be some way to raise decent human beings without all the stress.  There has to be.  I finished reading "Uncle Tom's Cabin" this week and was struck by how kindly the Quakers were.  There are times when I really wish we could live in the middle of nowhere.  There has to be a better way.


  1. LOL. Sounds like you had a crazy week. I've never heard of Alfie Kohn. I'll have to look into that.

    Glad you liked Uncle Tom's Cabin and yes, sometimes I wish I lived more simply like the Quakers also.

    Hope you get your SM soon!

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  3. I liked the Punished by Rewards book by Kohn but there was something that turned me off in Unconditional Parenting. Like maybe indulgence was mistaken for kindness???? Anyway, I really want to go back and read it. I didn't finish it the first time and all these people whom I admire have read it and gotten a lot out of it. So I think maybe I was just in the wrong frame of mind the first time!

    The espresso bean incident sounds like it must have been interesting!

    Thanks for the idea about Latin vocab, that might work!