Thursday, March 4, 2010

Last Week's Review, almost a week late, oops.

Last week went really well. 

We started using Ecce Romani with Latina Christiana.  Andrew really enjoyed having a story to read and I've already seen growth in his Latin. 

We read a few chapters for History and watched some History Channel stuff on Hulu about Japan that went along with some that we had read. 

Greek is plodding right along, we did get to encounter some new vocabulary words and Andrew continues to work diligently at transcripting the book of John. 

Grammar is grammar, writing went well...  We did move up to Spelling Workout D last week.  Andrew is ever so excited to read his new orange book, he got tired of the green (C).  Oh and he continues to enjoy "Through the Looking Glass."

Singapore Math was fun and new for us.  We're taking a break from the more challenging math and I'm very glad we have.  Besides taking tons off my shoulders, it's also allowing Andrew some good math r&r.

In Science, we're slowly but surely catching up to where we should be.  I really hope we'll be done with Chemistry by July (our longest break, four weeks off, woohoo!).  Physics is starting to look SO good.

Luke continues to be Luke.

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  1. Thank you for your suggestion about the celery! Good idea!