Friday, May 28, 2010

Bad Mommy, Blog Update, the fun stuff!

Well!  It's been awhile.  There've been many trips and some books finished...  Let's see if I can catch this mess up.

In April we went to the Children's Festival in Hampton Roads and followed it up with an impromptu trip to the ocean. 

The dogfish must've recently hatched, because mermaid purses were all over the beach.  The kids collected a ton of them and they are now stinking up the break front :)

We also crashed a field trip in April.  My nephew's class went to George Washington's Birthplace.  The boys and I tagged along, it was a great deal of fun, even if GWB is a little old hat for us.

May has been very busy so far.  Homeschooling day at King's Dominion, THANK YOU HEAV!!!!! Was a blast.  Luke got to ride his first roller coaster and Andrew got to take his first solo ride on a big coaster.
We also took an impromptu trip to Washington DC, via both Amtrak and VRE.  Amtrak was really nice (and super expensive), VRE was uber punctual and incredibly affordable.  The boys LOVED riding the train and they were duly impressed with DC.  We didn't stay too long, but we did see the Capital Bldg, the Washington Monument, the Air & Space Museum (always a hit), and we took a quick jaunt through the Natural History Museum.  Luke's favorite part was this massive fountain in the center of an art gallery.  Andrew, of course, loved the A&S Museum.  The roses were in bloom and I have to say that was one of my favorite things.

Also, Andrew turned nine this month.  His party was a lot of fun.  I didn't plan a darn thing, but there was a water balloon fight, followed by water guns, followed by bicycle races, polished off with some go-kart racing.  The boys really enjoyed themselves.

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