Thursday, January 8, 2009

Is it Friday yet?

Okay, we went till 2 again today :( . I'm so tired, so tired, so so so tired. Did I mention, I'm tired?

Luke is trucking right along. We can count to five, he knows A, B, J, M, S, T, X, and we've done our primary colors, along with circle, square, and triangle. I love how proud he is of his new knowledge. He's even started mimicking the sounds of the letters (ah ah ah, A). We're really enjoying doing all this together, and he is wiped out after lunch. Naps, with no arguments! Man, I forgot those were possible!

Drew, on the other hand, is really provoking me with the math issues. We start the day by reading a chapter of his Bible Story Book and writing a five sentence narration. That goes by without a hiccup. Then, we do spelling. Again, no problems. We move to math...

and there we stay, for at least an hour. It could be one problem, it could be an entire sheet of problems, it will take at least one hour. Tonight, he will be sitting down with Dad to do math. Mom is tired.

After math, it's all gravy. Grammar (he can recite 'The Caterpillar'), Latin, Handwriting, Science, History, all smooth as silk. Why?

I read the post, that we should incorporate it into other classes, and we've tried that. We learned the Egyptian numerals, and those helped, but really, as soon as a number shows up, Drew shuts off.

I hate math.

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  1. I always try to do the most tedious subject for the child, first, right after breakfast when they are nice and fresh. Afterwards we have a small snack.

    Sometimes we go through what you are going through with reading lessons. Keep up the good work.