Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We survived our first holiday!

I will admit, Monday stunk. It took for-ev-er to get everything done. We did not need to review too much, but Drew dragged his feet and dawdled the entire morning away. We got 'Hooked on Pre-K' for Luke, so he had his first 'school' day. All together, I earned my eight hours sleep!

Today, we've started our first class on fancy. I was right in one respect, Andrew is loving it. We're learning about the phoenix, sphinx, catoblepas and ammuts. I will give the Egyptians this, their mythical creatures are very imaginative. Andrew is enjoying drawing these bizarre creatures, and the ammut (a cross between an crocodile, lion and hippo) is definitely his favorite.

Augh, I just wish the days would move a little quicker! Last month, we were done by lunch. So far this week, we're lucky to be done by two :(

Ah well, his potty break's over, so it's back to the grind!

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