Monday, January 12, 2009

Oops! I forgot the weekly wrap-up for last week

Okay! Andrew made his cuneiform name plaque, Art 100%; he also illustrated "The Caterpillar," for another 100% in Art.

He's moved on to Lesson 3, in Prima Latina, and is still doing phenominally well. An oral review resulted in another 100%.

For Grammar, Andrew has memorized "The Caterpillar" and is practicing reciting it, his final exam will be facing Grandma (bump, bump, baaaaa). He's also finished common person nouns, finally, and seems to completely understand them. That's another 100%, for grammar.

In reading, he's continued to read a chapter a day in his "Bible Stories" book. He has written narratives, seven sentences long (he copies three of the sentences), for every chapter so far. This week, we're dropping the narratives for this. I realized he was doing way more narratives than was necessary.

We also read "The Tale of Despereaux" last week. What an incredible book.

In handwriting, Andrew is still working on cursive. He also wrote a letter to Leelo (my grandmother) and worked on the parts of a letter. He managed to make all of his letters very well for the review. He's not leaning them far enough, but we're working on it.

For spelling, we dissected the words Andrew was to learn. We found the dipthongs and other tricking spelling tricks. The result was a perfect score on his test!

Math. Math. Oh subject, that can take hours.... We have learned our numbers through a thousand, and are returning to one-digit addition. While Andrew scored well on his review, I am frankly tired of waiting for hours, to review a handful of problems. This week is dedicated to getting his simple addition memorized.

For history, we're still working on Egypt ;) Andrew made his name in cuneiform, we have read tons and tons of books, and we're looking for the light at the end of the tunnel.

Science is revolving around the weather right now. We've discussed clouds, Andrew has a chart and names the clouds every morning. We're memorizing the layers of the atmosphere, and learning how the atmosphere effects our weather. The grade for science was based on our, 'everything you need to know about weather' poster, we're making. It will have all our facts on it, complete with illustrations, cotton ball clouds, and our barometer readings.

I'm finding myself stretching out a little more know. We're leaving the science work book, to look at weather in greater depth. We've contacted the local Catholic church, their priest may help us with our Latin pronunciations. We're hoeing our own road in math. It's scary, branching out, leaving the well-beaten path, but also exhilarating. We're both enjoying ourselves.

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