Friday, December 11, 2009

An attempt to make an Update.....

I forgot all about the Hive updates! Here's a quick post on what we've done this week.

Yesterday, we took the afternoon and had a picnic at George Washington's Birthplace (link is to a virtual tour). At some point in January I was to get up to Ferry Farm and finally, by the spring, Mount Vernon. I think US History is going to be an ongoing theme for us, rather than a specific class. We live in such a history rich area it's a shame to ignore it. When we were on our way out I picked up a copy of "Common Sense." That resulted in an evening of read-alouds and discussion. How wonderful it is to have children I can discuss these things with!


Bible: SHE JOINED OUR CHURCH! It was completely unexpected. I was also hastily dubbed God-mother to her best friend, whose parents don't care if she "finds God," but don't want to have a part of it either. I'm so blessed! Since we're all new to this church and the newbies class just started last Sunday we (Andrew, Jocelyn, Jo's friend, and myself) are all in the same Bible study. I'll have much more next week.

French: Well, we're lingering on lesson 3. I'm not sure why it seems that French is so much harder than Latin or Greek, but we're both having a tough time. Petit a petit, non?


Bible: We've memorized up to "The Song of Solomen" and continue to review the 10 Commandments. Andrew has finished up the first section of his church devotional, what is salvation?

Reading: We read "A Christmas Carol" together. Andrew finished a biography on Abigail Adams and a light reading on Colonial Medicine. Neither have anything to do with what we're studying in history, but he's so interested in this stuff that we've run with it. There were a ton of other books read, but terrible mother that I am, I didn't keep track. This must change! And so it shall! Hopefully!

Spelling: He's finishing up Lesson 29. His quiz, on Monday, for Lesson 28 earned him a 96% (throat and group...... the scourge of mankind!)

Writing: We've been using Colonial Medicine for our writing. Monday he read a bit on the death of George Washington and narrated aloud. I wrote it down and he copied. Wednesday (oops!) I dictated three complex sentences with all sorts of punctuation and some really interesting words and he managed to get nearly every bit absolutely correct! Thursday, he read a passage comparing the life expectancies and health of the colonies and Europe. He narrated and I dictated back, thus excusing myself from having to dictate again today. I really needed today off.

Grammar: We reviewed sentences this week and have continued to diagram sentences with predicate nominatives and adjectives. Drew's not super excited about grammar, but he's picking it up and he doesn't not like it, thank goodness!

Math: Monday, we worked out some great problems finding the circumference of the earth, the circumference of different orbits and distances using sound as a guide. I absolutely LOVE Challenge Math. Tuesday he worked on mixed numbers. This is not easy work at all, but I'm proud to see the progress he's made. The book he's using is another fantastic tool. Wednesday, we learned about defined and undefined terms in geometry. Andrew learned to identify lines, rays, points, and angles as well as notation for each.

Science: Uh... well... we've been thinking about making Chemical Pie, if I only knew what kind of crackers to use! Otherwise, Lady Slacker, as I'm known in many circles, has missed science

History: We are zooming right along! Today we're watching this. And we're planning to read about the reformation and counterreformation this afternoon... of course, it's already afternoon, so maybe "evening" would be a better description.

Greek: Andrew's learned the verb endings for 'him/her' and is now making more interesting sentences. He translated John 1.4 this week.

Latin: Lesson 11, Latina Christiana I, all's well! Ever since my darling husband rendered my car sterio useless we've started singing "Adeste Fideles" everywhere we go. Thus, we're experts at "Adeste Fideles."


Bible: We've read up to the story of Noah and the Flood in his Children's Bible. He sings 'glooooooooooooooooria in excelsis deo' for most of the day now, not by design, but it's sweet.

Reading: Well, he's read a Bob book or two, but as soon as I open his reading book he steadfastly refuses to look inside. So, we're stuck at two letter 'a' words, while he's also reading 'Sam' and 'Mac' in the Bob books. I'm not dropping reading, but I don't think I can get him to use the book anymore. So, I'll read the big book and I think I'll just have him read everything else.

Math: He continues to count, much better since I took the recommendation of the Hive to use stickers as counting tools. He's getting better at matching printed numbers with the correct amounts. We did some Miquon with the cuisinaire rods this week and he's getting much better at identifying rods with numbers and amounts. We've done some parts to whole this week as well.


  1. I would love to add foreign language to our day but I feel so busy already.

    Oh, and I love the Christmas Carol. We are starting a version illustrated by P.J. Lynch next week.

    Great week!

  2. Can I just say that I am soooo jealous that you live near all that history?! How wonderful!!!

    Sounds like you guys had a great week! Now I'm off to check out that Chemical Pie link! ;)

  3. We listened to the StoryNory version of a Christmas Carol this week. It must be the time of the year.

    It sounds like you had a great week. You are doing three languages with your kids? Wow. I think foreign language is super important. I'm working it.

    Don't you love that first set of Bob books? I have my dd put a sticker on each one when she reads it. I was hoping to encourage her to read all of them, but she preferred to see how many stickers she could get on each one instead.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    I have to tell you that I expanded what MBTP did with the habitats. I made a poster board of each habitat and we are making an animal/plant from each. I think MBTP has your child choose their favorite habitat and make an animal from that. I wanted to make it stretch out a bit longer!

    Squeak is having fun with it and I'm going to post a picture of everything when we finish our final two habitats!

  5. Oops, I meant I made a poster board with all seven habitats on it...not a poster board for each individual habitat!

  6. MBTP is Moving Beyond the Page...I bought the 5-7 Environment Concept and that is where we are doing the habitat stuff! The book they use to guide you through the habitats is called:
    "Animal Habitats! Learning about North American animals and plants thru art, science and creative play" by Judy Press

    It's ok but they don't give you any templates on how to draw the animals!! (yikes but I'm doing ok with it-LOL)

    And decorating with school work is great!! I keep Squeak's stuff hung up forever!