Thursday, December 31, 2009

Decade in review :)

It seems incredible that we've not just passed the millenium (gasp, with all our computers still functioning), but are now embarking on the tens.  Am I the only one looking forward to the roaring 20s?

In the past ten years I have:
Had the honor to care for Big Drew's grampa up until his death.
Honored that same Grampa by making little Drew his namesake (middle name).
Faced the loss of every thing we had accumulated due to a hurricane.
Managed to get it all back and then some.
Shaved my head and regretted it.
Wept while my sweet little girl pranced merrily off to school.
Wept while my sweet little boy dragged himself off to school.
Been blessed with my third little surprise and honored another grandfather through another middle name.
Supported my mother through breast cancer and terrible medical care.
Took the plunge and removed Andrew from school.
Learned to love homeschooling.
Taught my youngest phonics and found out that I can teach reading :)
Made so many incredible friends.
Learned how to write a short note, as well as how rewarding it can be.
Joined a new church.
Found out my mil was engaged (WOOHOO).

That's all I've got off the top of my head, what a decade.

How old do I feel?  I'm talking about a decade as if it was summer break.

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  1. Shaved your head? There is a story there, I think!