Monday, December 14, 2009

Plans for this the 16th week!

Jocelyn - Back onto the French wagon. We should finish up Lesson 3 this week! Also, she'll be doing lesson 1 in her new to Christ workbook from Church.

Andrew - For devotions, Andrew will continue working in his new to Christ workbook. We'll also be working on memorizing the books of the Bible. I would like to finish the Old Testament this week.
In Latin we'll be working on Lesson 12. The weeks off are going to make it too long between the lesson and the quiz, so I believe we'll take the quizes on Monday and let the vacation start on Tuesday. He took his quiz for Lesson 11 this morning and earned a 91% once I added in a few points for corrections. He loses points for anything less than perfect, so I let him earn a few back by writing the words three times each.
In Greek we're moving through lesson 13 and should be done by Friday. He'll transcribe John 1.5 this week as well.
For reading, Andrew will be reading and narrating First Biographies, Benjamin Franklin today and tomorrow. He'll have his choice of some Christmas stories I've chosen, for the rest of the week. He'll also be reading Falling Up, by Shel Silverstein.
Writing is coming out of A Read-Aloud Family Christmas. It's full of classics and I have not gotten around to reading it to the kids, so I suppose I'll put it to work.
For grammar we'll be doing lessons 41, 42 and Oral Usage lesson 4. Andrew will learn about you understood. More sentence diagramming will happen and we'll tie it all together with that final grammar lesson on the difference between lay and lie, sit and set.
Spelling is finishing at a great spot, except that I'll have to give his test on Monday, while we're on vacation. We are on lesson 30, the review of lessons 25 through 29. The only two words that have proven difficult are throat and group.
Math is going to be busy. Today, Andrew did pages one through three in his new workbook on measurements. This covered simply how to measure. He really enjoyed it, but it is a little behind where he's at. Tomorrow we'll work on 1.2 in his Geometry book. Unfortuneatly, the book is out of print and not available on Amazon, so I can't provide a link. We'll be learning about collinear points and the definition of a triangle. Wednesday, Andrew will complete Skill 7 on improper and mixed fractions. He's going to be converting mixed numbers into improper fractions. Thursday we'll be in Geometry again and discuss the reversibility test and how much information is needed for a good definition. Friday we'll do some more in Challenge Math. I cannot say enough about how much we love this book! We are going to finish up Astronomy. Andrew has four more problems to go in Level 1. If time permits we might try one or two questions from Level 2, but I really have to stop spending all day on math, it's getting rediculous.
In history, we'll be finishing up Story of the World Vol. 2. It's exciting to finally be hitting on American history. The only concern I have is that Andrew seems to have a much longer view of history than I do. It's not necessarily a bad thing, except that he sees the treatment of the South and Middle Americans as just one more people getting conquered and either absorbed or wiped out. It's almost like he's already jaded. I worry that others will find him cold because of this.
Science, we are, we must, we WILL do science this week. For pity's sake, we're on Week 9... 9... augh! Thank goodness we school year round. Hopefully we'll finish Chemistry before we move on to Physics.

Luke - For Bible study, Luke will be learning about the tower of Babel this week. I know that seems strange, given the season, but the Bible he uses equates everything to Jesus and this way we'll keep to normal order. Luke has been a little obsessed over languages lately and this story is very timely for him. I think we'll watch a few of his favorite cartoons in different languages and discuss how we speak English and how all of our languages are the result of Babel.
For reading we're going to continue reviewing his poems and work on lessons 28, 29, and 30. Someone else mentioned using stickers on the Bob Books as a reward for reading them. I am going to start that this week as well. It's amazing how much kids love stickers!
In math we'll continue to play on A-1 through A-3a, as well as everything we've been doing. Until he can make a definite clear connection between 1, one, and * (meaning one object), I don't even want to move on. For now, he's happy tracing the flash cards with his finger and making the numbers with his cuisinaire rods and I see no reason to rush him!

We just recieved Andrew's new workbooks on measurement. That will make four things we're juggling in math. At first Big Drew was not pleased with us using different sources every day for math. He thought it would just make math confusing. However, using three sources for the past few weeks has kept Andrew attention and frustration levels have been at an all time low. Andrew now looks forward to math, let's just hope it doesn't go the way of MEP. A great program, but somehow too redundant for Andrew.

Luke has Nursery Rhyme Literature pockets. I'm hoping to have the first one ready tomorrow for use this week, but haven't added it to my plans since it only came a few hours ago. These look wonderful and they have all the creative little crafts that I just can't seem to come up with.

We're off to outrun the week's end deadline! Wish us God speed!

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