Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our Christmas!

Drew bought me a new connection chord for our camera for Christmas, whoopee!  So, I finally get to post pictures, instead of scans which just did not do anything justice.  I'll post Andrew's Christmas Cantata once I get it edited down to just him.  I know everyone would love to watch 30 minutes of K through 5th graders singing and telling the Christmas story, but I don't have permission from all those parents, so it'll just my my son (of whom I am very proud).

Christmas Eve went really well.  We were at my sister's this year, instead of Mom's and that caused some problems.  I had to leave at 5pm to get to the candle light ceremony at church, so Drew stayed later with the kids.  It's almost an hour drive, so I couldn't run home and change.  I learned a valuable lesson.  Polish food leaves a smell, much like b.o. on one's clothing.  I got to scrunch on stage with others who were desparately trying to breath through their mouths while I whispered, "it's a food smell, really, it's not b.o."  The reading went well, even if I was mortified.

The kids had a wonderful time at Heather's, baking cookies, making ornaments, tracking Santa and all that good stuff.  The next morning was pandemonium, but a nice pandemonium.  Jocelyn was cool about all her presents, I believe the best I got was, "oh, neat."  Andrew tore through like a tornado and to this day some of his presents are still in their boxes.  He did not get everything on his list and has attributed it to being mean to his brother.  I'm not saying anything.  Luke is at that beautiful point in life where every present is seen as...  well...  a gift.  He recieves each one with surprise (for me?!?), opens them with excitement and squeels with joy, no matter the gift.  I think I need to remember how nice it is, how heartwarming, to see someone react with so much surprise and happiness.  That's something I think I should emulate.

I wrote out notes to go with our Christmas cards this year (see my reading blog to understand why).  The response has been really touching.  It's amazing how, telling someone what you really think of them (positive things, of course) can so deeply move them.  I have the most incredible neighbors, I tell everyone about them...  except them, of course.  For some reason, I've let the past 11 years go without a formal thank you, or even letting them know what everyone but them has been told, how important they are to us.  I've gotten so many tearful visits and on one hand it makes me feel guilty, because I should've told them this all along, but on the other I'm so glad to see that one simple little note can convey all I hoped it would.

I've read a ton, if you're looking for a book hop on over there and take a gander.  Merry Christmas everyone, and I hope your New Year bangs in bright!

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