Friday, December 18, 2009

Augh! It's Friday already and we have to do what?!? It's going to what?!? Through Sunday?!?

Am I the only one that wakes up Friday morning, especially those Fridays that occur before holidays* and think, "OH, NO!"  Fridays used to be TGIF, but here lately they are the impending dead line and a reminder of all I forgot to do that week.  Not to mention that it seems we always have at least two other things to do on Friday, because everyone chooses Friday as the "convenient" day to do things.  In this house, we will refer to Friday as, ONIF (rather than TGIF).  Meaning, Oh No It's Friday.

This week we did manage to accomplish everything I laid out for Andrew.  He read all of his library books by Wednesday and starting digging into some of the books we have around the house.  Big Drew wonders that we ever go to the library, citing the shelves, mountains, and boxes of perfectly good books we have at home.  He simply does not understand the desire for 'fresh' reading material.

We have library time today, which means Luke has craft time and Andrew has "shopping" time (his word for wandering choosing books).  This evening we are going caroling with Cub Scouts and then waiting to see if this monsterous weather pans out.  If anyone is interested, we're expecting anywhere from a few inches to a foot of snow.  Sigh.  I finally have money to buy Christmas presents and it looks like we could be snowed in.  If you think I'm joking, ask any Virginian what happens once the first flake is in view.  It's a zoo out there (buy some t.p. and milk, quick!).

Jocelyn turned 13 this week, she was given the week off from French.

Quick Synopsis of Andrew's Week:
Greek:  Complete Lesson 14 (B)
Latin:  Complete Lesson 12, quiz on Monday! (Grade hinges on quiz)
Reading:  "First Biographies, Benjamin Franklin;"  "The Gift of the Magi;"  As well as all of his and his brother's library books. (A)
Writing:  "The First Fur Tree" and narration; Dictation from "The Gift of the Magi;"  "The Legend of Saint Nicholas" and narration; Dictation from "Miss Manners' Basic Training, Conversation" (A)
Grammar:  Completed through Lesson 42 and OU 4 (A)
Spelling:  Completed Lesson 30 (98%)
Math:  Everything was covered and Andrew is doing some extra work in the measurement books (B)
Science:  We have covered TWO CHAPTERS!  I'm hoping to find time for an experiment this afternoon. (A)
History:  Two chapters left.  I had been planning on doing them both today if we can.(A)

Luke's Week in Review!
Devotions:  We read the story of "The Tower of Babel" and discussed different languages.  For Luke, anything that is not "X" is "Chinese."  He apparently detests English, and believes that we all speak "X."  I tried to figure out how this confusion came about, but it will remain one of the mysteries of toddlerhood.
Math:  We did count some things and read a lovely book with lots of numbers and counting.  At one point, Luke identified the numbers on the car radio and he is getting much better at correctly identifying 1.2.3 as 'one, two, three.'  There was, however, no truly formal work in math this week.  Miquon sat ignored.
Reading:  Two out of three lessons were covered, but something even more exciting happened!  I did as  planned and made the letter and word cards, as well cutting out corresponding pictures.  One letter at a time Luke would glue down the letters, creating the word, sounding it all out and finally (bump ba ba baaaa) match them with a picture.  I made it impossible for me to ruin this, by doing all the work for him, because of all the steps, no matter how much I may have wanted to help, short of taking the letters back and doing it myself I could NOT have taken this over.  If you don't understand what I meant with all that, then you're wonderful, you must never accidentally (and with good intentions) find yourself doing your children's work, as I sometimes catch myself doing.  Luke read.  He read and he comprehended well enough to match the words with pictures.  I am beside myself with delight.  Take that! anyone whom ever said a parents cannot teach reading.
Days of the Week:  We've continued identifying the day and then chanting the days of the week from that day, around to it again (today is Friday, tomorrow is Saturday and then Sunday, Monday, etc), followed up with the standard (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, in regular order).  Sometimes we start with Sunday as the first day of the week, but I'm really unsure as to what order is "correct."  Silly, isn't it?

*I've decided I like "holidays" better than "vacations," as we rarely vacate and holidays just sounds so much warmer and exciting.


  1. LOL. I hope you get a chance to go Christmas shopping. I'd love to have some snow here in SoCal. We'd just cancel Friday. Would have to come up with a new acronym. Hmmm. NMF No more Friday.

    Sounds to me like you have a very productive week even though Friday has sneaked up on you.

  2. Relax! It is TGIF and Happy Holidays! It sounds like y'all were working.
    Enjoy the journey and the break!

  3. Holidays sounds good - and we have Celebrations instead of parties too for a similar reason.

    We also had a birthday this week - I think it makes it harder to get started on Christmas when I have to do the birthday so close to it, then recover, then think about another holiday.

    Looks like you accomplished a lot. Enjoy your weekend and take a long holiday.