Monday, January 18, 2010

Bad case of the Moooondays.

It all started badly.  I needed to cover in the church office today.  Instead of getting up and dressed, Drew decides to argue:
'You don't work in the office on Monday, Mom.'
'I do today, getupdressedbrushedandlet'sgo!'
'No, you don't work on Mondays.'
Twenty minutes later, Luke is dressed, the car is warmed up and Drew is...  asleep in bed.  It took everything I had to keep from dragging him to church in his pjs.

I was on time, just.  Then, I start working and it turns out that someone else needs to use the printer.  That's okay, it just meant I had to put off doing any of the printing/typing (99% of the work).  Then, the boys start getting antsy.  Then, they start arguing.  I was climbing the walls, trying to be patient with everything...

Then, Luke climbed on the stage.  This wasn't in the chapel, it was downstairs in the common room.  Luke climbed up there (like he always does), only this time Drew took it upon himself to get Luke down.  He grabbed Luke and promptly tripped and fell backwards...  slamming Luke's face into the floor.  Thankfully, he still has a mouthful of teeth.  The only difference is the lovely kissy lips that swelled up... and the blood...  everywhere (it seemed like it anyway).

By the time we got home I was ready to implode.  We've managed to take our quizes, but very little other than that got done.



  1. There are some days when I wish I could use velcro !! ( As in sticking them to the ceiling. )

    :-) Hugs!

    Tomorrow, tomorrow, the sun will come out tomorrow.