Friday, January 8, 2010

Week 17 in Review

This has been a great week! After our two week holiday, I really wasn't sure whether we would be able to get back into the swing of things. There were a few things we did not get done, but for the most part we're just where we need to be.

We started using Groovy Geometry. This is such an incredible resource! Andrew has made angles (above), found angles throughout the house, and learned about angle relationships. He's really loved math this week. Groovy Geometry also has a ton of games to play and they're fun enough that we've played them in and out of math class, by popular request. Below is Andrew's diagram of parallel lines with a transversal.

Reading, writing, grammar and spelling

Luke has read "Mat" a few times. We've been enjoying "The Wind and the Willows" for our read-aloud at bed time. He is getting much better at reading the words, instead of the pictures. Luke's also taken it upon himself to learn how to write. He still chooses the bigger kids' trash books at the library (Goosebumps and others like those). Drew has decided to start reading them to Luke, out of the kindness of his heart (and probably because I don't normally let him check out the vast quantities of those that Luke will sneak into his book bag).

Andrew is still reading "Alice in Wonderland." I'm so glad that he's enjoying this book. It was one of my favorites growing up. He's also read a few other books this week, written thank you letters to his grandmas (we're sending them out today), done a complete review of his poetry memorization, and kept up in spelling.

Latin and Greek

Andrew slogs on! He got an 87% on his review of the last lesson in Latin and he's learning the ending for "they" in Greek.

We've finished up everything in Story of the World 2, and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Story of the World 3.
We didn't do everything I wanted to this week. We are so far behind, I had planned on doubling up, but we only finished one chapter. The science experiment, though, went swimmingly! Dad made us wait until he was home, so it was all done in the dark. Also, the reaction was a bit bigger than I had expected, so the pictures are blurry.
If you ever wanted to know what happens when you mix Mentos (fruit flavored, we couldn't find mint anywhere?!?) and diet Coke… Viola!
Picture one, is our supplies (resting on the tubberware container of science). Two depicts our holding chamber for the Mentos.

That third blurry one is me leaping away and attempting to catch a picture of Mt. VisCokeulus.

I don't know that we learned anything, other than… Mentos and Coke do not mix.

It was a good week. We didn't get everything done, but we there was enough done for me to be able to rest easy this weekend. Oh, and this morning we woke up to more snow!!!! There's supposed to be even more dropped throughout the day!!!! Eeeeh!


  1. Mentos and Coke don't mix - sounds like a good thing to know! I enjoyed reading about your week - sounds like your boys really enjoy learning!

  2. Sounds like a fun week. LOL, about the mentos and coke.

    Is Groovy Geometry a book or a curriculum? My daughter is starting some Singapore geography next week and if it is a library book we might be able to check it out.

  3. What a beautiful picture! Your week sounded like it went really well. I might have to check out Groovy Geometry for my oldest DD!

  4. Ohhh- Im liking the sound of Groovy Geometry. * must add it too ever growling list of...would like to have*

  5. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I've enjoyed reading the weekly report & esp enjoyed the last picture. It looks so pretty! (But I'm glad you have all the snow and not me- I just want to look at it!)