Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday review!

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were, to my recollection, well enough.  Thursday brought with it the terror of a Science Fair Project due...  Friday.  To be fair, my mother informed me Wednesday evening, after Jo had already gone on to her youth group meeting.

This is Jo at about 11p, we weren't even close to finished.  I don't know how much coffee I drank.  My darling husband showed up at about 7:30p to pick up the boys and brought me a tankard he ground and brewed himself.  Needless to say, the coffee made me a little jittery (I held off eating with the hopes of having chicken cooked by the same darling man), so most of our pictures turned out slightly out of focus.  The next picture was taken at 1a when we were finally finished.

It was a hard won victory for science.  Right.

Anyway, there are two more kids to talk about..........................................................

Luke has been growing a few things in the kitchen.  There a potato suspended in some tubberware full of water and some acorn squash seeds wrapped in moist paper towels and dangling in a ziplock bag from the light about the stove (warmest place in the house).  I am very happy to say that all are sprouting (score another one for science).  At library time today Luke learned about different kinds of bears, those that hibernate and those that don't.  The craft was really neat.  We used epsom salt in water and painted it over the bear pictures.  It ends up really nice and sparkly:

Luke also played outside on Wednesday...  in his pjs...  I'm so cool!

All that time up last night has made me feel a little sick and pretty tired.  I wanted to sleep today, but I had pretty well given the boys Wednesday and Thursday off.  Drew and I did a little bit of work outside Wednesday (it was above freezing, we HAD to spend some time outside), but Thursday was mostly spent with me trying to gather everything for the estupido fair.  For all the moms worrying over kids spending an hour doing five or ten math problems... Drew has been on the same math review sheet for two days.  The same kid that thinks finding the orbit of an astronaut is fun, turns into a mule the moment you put a page of, I kid you not, simple multiplication fact families infront of him.  For pity's sake, really.

History was great, though.  We've just done chapter 1 in Story of the World Vol. 3 and we have the dubloons to prove it!

Latin, Grammar, and everything else plodded on as usual for the most part.  All his reviews at the beginning of the week went well, we'll see how the slacking effects his grades on Monday.  I'm just glad we get all the heavy stuff done at the beginnning of the week.  It makes it so much easier for me to slack off while he just reviews all the new stuff for the rest of the week.

Is it bad that I thought today, well we're so far ahead no one will know if we just put it off?  Ugh.  I hope I win first place in the fair...  er uh...  I mean I hope Jo wins.  Really, she did most of the work.  I gathered the stuff together, but made her run the experiments, tally the data, record it, etc.  I did do most of the glueing onto the backboard, but who'm I kidding?  That is the best part!


  1. LOL. I was just about your daughter's age when I had to pull my one and ONLY all-nighter to get an assignment finished. It cured me. I have never procrastinated again (even in college). You made it, MOM! Good for you. Sounds like a fun, but exhausting, week.

  2. Good job on the science fair project Mom! I mean Jo. How did the science fair go?

  3. Wow - it sounds like you had a busy, fun week! I hope that the science fair went well.

    I also wanted to say TY for the kind post yesterday. The sun actually came out today (1st time in many weeks) and I felt much better.

    Take care!

  4. Jo is at that point where they could award her a full scholarship to any Ivy League of her choice and she would still say it had gone terribly, so I have to wait for the grades to come out, or something to be sent home, before I know how it went.

    Laurie, I'm glad.

  5. Awesome job on the late night science fair. The rest of the week sounds great too.

  6. I am glad that we have never done a science fair! Though I do hope that she does well.