Monday, January 4, 2010

WOOHOO, we're back!

Today has gone so much better than I'd dare hope!  Luke did not do a single thing I had scheduled, but he did do work.  Somehow he's learned how to write an A:

He also did some workbook pages from a Nursery Rhyme book his gramma gave him for Christmas:

Andrew has done stellar.  He did every single topic and we were done on time.  Even with an interruption to go to the bank.  My buttons are bursting.

For math, he made an angle and moved it around to practice measuring angles:

Then, we played a game where we had to draw angles, just using a ruler.  If you were close enough to right, you got a point.  We're going to play this one again later today, he loved it.  Andrew also ran through the house measuring angles and decided two things, our house is slightly off and 90 degrees is the most common angle (except here, where you have to average together a list of 88 through 92 degree angles).

Greek went really well, as did Latin.  We wound it up with a new chapter in Science and (for writing) thank you letters to both his grandmothers:

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