Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Luke's Vegetable Soup

Luke and I sprouted some seeds last week.  I did not expect them to do well, they were from store bought veggies and I really thought those were incapable of growth...  I could not have been more wrong!  By Sunday, our acorn squash needed to be put in a pot (we'd grown them in wet paper towels) and our potato looked pretty desparate too.  We spent Monday potting them:

<---acorn squash

potato --->

We've been reading Growing Vegetable Soup and so in January Luke is learning about plants...  aren't I the best planner?!?

We're heading out to the library to print out some things from here and this may be Luke's first really coehesive, everything works together week!  Granted, it's starting on Tuesday, but Monday would've just ruined it anyway.

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