Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday, Monday

As Mondays go, this has been a pretty good one.  We finally got to crack open Story of the World Volume 3, new books are always so exciting!  We started Chapter 2 in Challenge Math and Andrew had some fun doing seemingly impossible problems:

Luke and I looked at various seeds today.  This is Luke pulling out some of orange seeds:

We wrapped some acorn squash seeds in a damp paper towel and put them into a ziplock bag full of hot air (straight from Mommy's mouth) and hung them in a window.  Luke even drew a picture of his seeds.  I don't even know why I decided to do this today, I meant for us to work on habitats, especially the arctic, goodness knows it's cold enough, but for some reason acorn squash seeds won out!
For physical education, hard-dee-har-har, we made stilts:

And that, my friends, was our Monday!

How was yours?

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  1. I love spontaneous days !! They are some of the greatest.